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Number of user of The EnglishK Free English Test have risen to the highest level in recent years

. But the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are causing changes in the way people access and learn English and in the near future.

Other data on Friday showed a sudden increase in the number of user in December. New visitors and returning users who are using EnglishK Free English Test to learn English are helping to generate a very steady traffic . But the COVID pandemic caused a lot of changes, and also affected our company. We lack a lot of service staffs in the design, content, technology, and systems departments.

PFT data research company said that the rate of technology application in the fields of education has accelerated to the highest rate in last 50 years.

EnglishK Free English Test use advanced technology to help you improve your vocabulary

Analytists had forcast that with the increasing development of technology, this indicator will continue to increase higher. And technology application such as EnglishK Free English Test will gradually replace traditional methods completely.

The PFT Markit survey’s metrics on technology use in education rose to its highest level since September 2014. Increased demand reflects both existing and new customers behavior, with a change in the trend of approaching education in the new era. That has led to more and more tech companies focusing on developing educational products.

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