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We are trying to give all best thing to our app EnglishK Free English Test 

The application development department of EnglishK Free English Test helps users to approach English in a natural way. Users who is in a state of Boredom when learning English can now experience it in a much more natural and enjoyable way through vocabulary tests in everyday life activity.

You can always do vocabulary test in EnglishK Free English Test session as comfortable as always

Our EnglishK Free English Test research and development team has made it possible for users to find a sense of comfort and joy again. The neural subdivision helps to deal with learning and language problems that are paralyzed because of cramming is now able to work and emit signals again, indicating the excitement of information , and also learning process in the brain.

NooApps’ research and development team has been trying to find ways to create incentives to stimulate the paralyzed nerve area by recreating the most intimate and confortable experiences. We found that, a method of cramming and moving too far away from real life causes negative experiences on the student’s brain and causes a feeling of disgust and stiffness in the brain, causing learning to stop, stagnant and unable to go any further in learning english or doing vocabulary test. Rice, the head of the research team told PFT in an interview.

“We strive to incorporate life and daily stories into our EnglishK Free English Test application . In this way, with a relatively small intervention, we stimulate a large number of regenerative nerves, and that is ultimately why our app users can find more comfort again. It was really okay to learn English and do the vocabulary test with EnglishK Free English Test”.

To test your vocabulary english, our EnlishK is the best choice to begin with

He said that Our users are starting to feel interesting and familiar with these natural English vocabulary exercises and tests method. And they are more motivated to do the vocabulary test with our EnglishK Free English Test app. Gradually, this became a habit and the approach to English became a lot closer and easier.

We are still on the way to test more on our learning English and vocabulary test method, and still wonder whether a method that works for one person can also work for another or a group of others. And if it really works, we will be able to revolutionize the way we learn vocabulary as a second language. This will probably take a lot of time, even years.

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