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Over the weekend, our team decided to split into 2 groups to debate with each other about how vocabulary tests will affect our English student’s learning progress and apply it to the EnglishK Free English Test, an application to help student learn English vocabulary much better .
Rice, the leader of the vocabulary test content development team, who tends to accept new ideas and is willing to experiment, thinks we can bring a new vocabulary test structure, with it blank. content sections to fill, and bring more experience for users

EnglishK support you increase your vocabulary test better

Alice, who often supports every ideas of Rice, and for making more changes to the structure of our current vocabulary tests, for the benefit of global users, according to development team members of EnglishK Free English Test

When speaking out in support of Rice, he said that increasing the difficulty and more experience and richer on our vocabulary test really helps our users to become more familiar with the vocabulary test.

Much of the meeting, held indoors at PFT Oval room in HCM, we talk about how things work when a user starts the vocabulary tests No. 1, No. 2 , and even No. 100. How the interest and accessibility of the user will change based on the graphs and data is still controversial and unclear.

In an interview with Alice, Ron, who has conflicting views on the vocabulary test, suggested that the tests should be limited in difficulty and minimized in number, and more academic , instead of being so broad and free as it is now.

“We think that the vocabulary test is too wide and in many areas at present will be difficult for learners,” she said.

Is the current vocabulary test too boring, repetitive and detached?

“Many learning apps are creating content that is too boring, repetitive and detached from the things that happen in life. This is wrong. Learning English has to be done in one direction. It is more natural and realistic. We can’t let it go, we will shine a light on them, ”said Ron.

The participants also rejected the idea that the current vocabulary test applications were impractical and inefficient. They believe that they bring a certain effect and cannot erase such historical factors. However, we still believe that what EnglishK is doing is different and make a huge change in the way English-learning users approach the language.

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