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The EnglishK Free English Test should not engage in children’s liberal learning , which takes advantage of their natural learning process, but it is suggested that policies should be considered regarding whether you do it naturally or not.

Last week, Alice said we were going to add new features to the app and try to prevent users from getting overwhelmed by learning and damaging your learning process. And this is obviously not good for anyone.

Alice told us, “Right now the tests are now too large in numbers, and the contents are also extremely rich, which will help you improve your natural English skills. However, it will also be confusing. mess up for you sometimes, for a vocabulary test e.g “. Please be patient

He said that the proposals to improve EnglishK Free English Test App have been put on the development team ‘s table , and depending on the situation and resources we will try to implement them gradually. All ideas and good things for users will be done by us in EnglishK Free English Test application

“We should not really hand this EnglishK Free English Test ‘s development and application development questions to third company,” said Alice.

Speaking at an open conference hold by our company last week, Alice said there are a lot of solutions we can take to strengthen our security measures and use more leverage to take advantage of our users to increase the experience, and have better users ‘s experience

The development department have denied any allegations, and tried to condemn the feature implementation’s arguments. From the development department’s point of view, this is reasonable and does not harm any user using this feature in the future.

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