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We ‘ve added 1000 more contents and vocabulary to our system on Sunday, a new record for the deployment of our work, according to the company.

The content of the application was deployed at 10:00 am EST from PFT’s vocabulary test development subdivision. After being checked and moderated through the content team, the company said.

According to the company, this content will be included in English vocabulary tests of the EnglishK Free English Test app, a small part of NooApps’ apps. This gives EnglishK app users more options to check their vocabulary, increases their ability to learn English better, and a right orientation, according to the NooApps.

EnglishK provide more content to vocabulary test section to help you more

In the past, we’ve also delayed content upgrades because of a lack of our resource issues. On January 20, Huy, the CEO of NooApps, wrote on Twitter: “Tomorrow, we will deploy a big update on making major content upgrades for our EnglishK ‘s users. This is great news. user is now able to have more English vocabulary test on our EnglishK Free English Test Application ”

NooApps previously posted hundreds of content on their platforms, and are being used globally, and now we continue to develop vocabulary test related features on the EnglishK Free English Test application, on both android and ios platform.

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