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We are trying to give all best thing to our app EnglishK Free English Test 

Free English Test is the ideal solution to help you get better in English

This app is designed for modern people who are learning English language or want to restore knowledge. Questions in tests are taken from real-world situations where you might need some language skills.

Grammar quiz to test your understanding of English grammar. All quizzes have answers available.

Pictures test will help you to learn words with visual associations.

Vocabulary test will check your basic words knowledge.

Audio test will check your Listening Comprehension

Please, try to do english exercises everyday and your progress will be fast!

EnglishK : Free English Test application by Tran Viet Huy’s Team is the ideal solution to make sure you get better in English test

In this EnglishK : Free English Test application, we offer more than 1000 questions test, in order to determine your level of English and help you practise your English itself.

The questions found in the application have been created by professionals and conform to the different test norms. You will have access to numerous tests equalling over 1000 questions.

The sections present in the TOEIC

– Photographs

– Questions / Answers

– Listening Comprehension

To have fun while learning you will be able to collect trophies throughout your training! Our EnglishK Free English Test application will get you ready for the big day.

Enjoy our app and enjoy your day!